class canvasapi.conversation.Conversation(requester, attributes)
  • requester (canvasapi.requester.Requester) – The requester to pass HTTP requests through.
  • attributes (dict) – The JSON object to build this object with.
add_message(body, **kwargs)

Add a message to a conversation.

Calls:POST /api/v1/conversations/:id/add_message
Parameters:body (str) – The body of the conversation.
Returns:A conversation with only the most recent message.
Return type:canvasapi.account.Conversation
add_recipients(recipients, **kwargs)

Add a recipient to a conversation.

Calls:POST /api/v1/conversations/:id/add_recipients
Parameters:recipients (list of str) – A list of string format recipient ids. These may be user ids or course/group ids prefixed with ‘course_’ or ‘group_’ respectively, e.g. recipients[‘1’, ‘2’, ‘course_3’]
Return type:canvasapi.account.Conversation

Delete a conversation.

Calls:DELETE /api/v1/conversations/:id
Return type:bool
delete_messages(remove, **kwargs)

Delete messages from this conversation.

Note that this only affects this user’s view of the conversation. If all messages are deleted, the conversation will be as well.

Calls:POST /api/v1/conversations/:id/remove_messages
Parameters:remove (list of str) – List of message ids to be removed.
Return type:dict

Update a conversation.

Calls:PUT /api/v1/conversations/:id
Return type:bool