class canvasapi.poll_choice.PollChoice(requester, attributes)
  • requester (canvasapi.requester.Requester) – The requester to pass HTTP requests through.
  • attributes (dict) – The JSON object to build this object with.

Delete a single poll, based on the poll id.

Calls:DELETE /api/v1/polls/:poll_id/poll_choices/:id
Returns:True if the deletion was successful, false otherwise.
Return type:bool
update(poll_choice, **kwargs)

Update an existing choice for this poll.

Calls:PUT /api/v1/polls/:poll_id/poll_choices/:id
Parameters:poll_choice (list) – List of arguments. ‘text’ is required and ‘is_correct’ and ‘position’ are optional.
Return type:canvasapi.poll_choice.PollChoice